Saturday nights peeing

Saturday nights peeing

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Saturday nights peeing

I work as a taxi driver in a small English town, and I normally work Saturday nights peeing. When I first started, five years ago, I sort of assumed that on a busy Saturday night I’d probably get the opportunity to see lots of women peeing in the town – but sadly it hasn’t worked out like that. Five years – not one sighting. Most disappointing! A couple of weeks ago I had what could only be described as a near miss. Fairly early in the evening I was sent to a bar in town, and asked to wait at the rear entrance, which was a bit unusual. It soon became clear why though – an elderly lady in a wheelchair appeared, being pushed by a much younger girl. The bar has quite steep steps at the front, so that explained why I was sent to the rear. Saturday nights peeing

Do you like content like this? We got the older lady loaded into the front seat, the wheelchair in the boot and the young girl sat in the back. We set off for what should be about a fifteen minute journey out of town. The pair of them were quite chatty (makes a nice change!) and said that they had been shopping in town all afternoon, and had gone to the bar for a bite to eat before heading for home. They were grand-mother/grand-daughter and we were getting on quite well when the girl asked how long the journey would take. I told her that it would probably be another ten minutes or so. She asked me to hurry as much as I could because she had drunk three pints, and was dying for a wee. Saturday nights peeing Her grand-mother asked her why she hadn’t gone at the bar, and she said that there was a huge queue for the ladies, and she thought it would be quicker to go home. “I was going to have a wee behind the bins outside the bar, but the taxi was already waiting” she explained. Saturday nights peeing   Then they asked me stop about a mile from their house so the girl could buy her gran some cans from the local off-licence. The shop was a little off the route, so I turned down the road it was in, and pulled up outside. The lady gave the girl her cashcard so she could get cash for the cans, and to pay me with. Saturday nights peeing The cash machine was in the wall outside the shop, and the girl had to wait for the previous customer to finish. I noticed that she was quite obviously hopping from one foot to the other and crossing and uncrossing her legs. “What is she like” remarked her gran and I said that I would turn the car around while she was getting the cans so we could make a quick getaway.

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like greased lightning

I swung the car out into the road to turn round, reversed and then pulled forward pointing in the right direction. As I stopped I looked over to the cash machine that the girl was now using one handed because her other hand was rammed between her tightly clenched thighs. Once she had her cash she dashed into the shop, and emerged a minute or two later with four cans in a carrier bag. Saturday nights peeing She hopped back into the car and we set off again. Her gran asked if she was alright, and she said that she was but she would go into the house before helping her gran out of the car. She admitted that she had almost wet herself while using the cash machine – “it was standing up that did it”, she said, “I’m absolutely bursting”. I stopped at the house, and the girl was out of the car and through the front door like greased lightning. I turned the car round so her gran could get out of the car onto the pavement and by the time I had done that and got out myself to get the wheelchair the girl was back. “Better?” I asked. “Much better” she replied “I almost didn’t get my trousers down in time – the zip got stuck and I was nearly doing it in my knickers” Saturday nights peeing Made my night, I can tell you.

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