pee story’s

pee story’s

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Playing tennis with my girlfriend

Some years ago we used to play tennis (well I tried and hit the ball back) in a local park. The park had two courts, one was clay and the other was grass (but it was made into a putting green) the courts were in the back corner of the park, with the park keepers hut and toilets on one side, with trees at the back and the park wall on the other side.
As we used it in the summer evenings it was free, as at 4pm the park keeper would lock the toilets and chain up the swings and other play equipment and go home. My girlfriend would where one of those short white skirts with white knickers under it and a white top. We would play and then go to the water fountain for a drink to cool down and then play some more if no-one was waiting to play.
After a time we sometimes needed to pee, if we had no-one near to see I would pee out through the back fence into the trees, and my girlfriend would sit on the bench along the side of the court, pull her skirt up out of the way and her knickers to one side and pee down through the planks of the bench, I liked to watch this.
But if people were about us or someone was waiting to play we would leave the court and walk to a old cast iron sheltered park bench, this shelter had side walls to keep the wind out and so she would squat and pull her knickers to the side and pee there, I would then pee in the same corner onto her pee puddle.
After that we would walk back home.
Playing tennis with my girlfriend
My one and only golden shower

A long time ago when I was younger I had a bet with my girlfriend about something, the looser had to pay a forfeit, my girlfriends forfeit was to let me have bum sex, ( up to then she would not let me have penetrating sex with her but we did other things), my forfeit was to let her pee on me, ( I think that I was a winner both ways). Anyway she won.
One warm sunny afternoon (yes we do get then every year or so.) we were sitting watching TV and she had had about 4 cans of larger, when I said when are you going to claim your forfeit from our bet the other week, to my surprise she said how about now.
So we went out to the garage, I swept a patch on the floor and removed all my clothes but not my shoes and socks and laid down, she removed her shoes, socks, jeans and knickers, and stood above me at my waist, my thing was already going hard as she started to pee, but her pee just splashed about so she used both hands to hold her lips open and now her pee came out into a clean straight stream right onto my thing, my thing was stiffer then I could ever remember, what with the sight of her from that angle and the heat of her hot piss hitting it.
When she was done she grabbed the workshop towel and whipped her legs and pussy, I stood up and asked her what she was going to do about this as I pointed to my very hard thing, she said that she was not going to touch that as it was all wet with piss, so as she bent to whip her feet I put my left hand up between her legs from behind to play with her and jerked myself with my right hand about two pulls before I shot my load the length of the garage (well about 4 ft anyway).
I then took the garden hose and washed myself down and the garage floor, by then she was dressed and had gone back to the TV and another can of larger.
She never talked about it or did it again. (well not for me anyway)
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Camping with my girlfriend

The first time that I went camping was just over forty years ago, a group of us were to go camping on the moors, myself, my girlfriend and three or four other lads with there girlfriends. We went up onto the moors on foot with our ex-army tent and all the heavier things like the Primus stove and its fuel oil. We found a spot we all liked and stuffed our gear into the bushes over night to return the next day with our food and bedding.
The next day me and my girlfriend went to the meeting spot, after a hour of waiting we walked onto the camping spot. We got busy putting the tent up, still waiting for the others to arrive. (this was years before cell phones and not every on even had land lines.)
Time went on and we had some food and drink, as day turned to night we got into our sleeping bags and tried to get to sleep. At sometime in the night I needed a pee and as it was so cold and damp outside I peed into one of our empty glass lemonade bottles, we had picked a spot in the bushes to use as a toilet but that was in the day light, it was now pitch black and we only had a small touch, the sound of me peeing awoke my girlfriend and we both said about the cold, and so after I had peed we pushed one sleeping bag into the other.
At this point she to needed to pee, I had got into the bags and she too did not want to go out into the dark, I said just pee in the corner to the tent as our ground sheet was only under the sleeping bag area, she said what if the other’s came in the morning they would see the wet spot and know she had done it, she then saw the bottle that I had used and said if only she could use that, I said there is the funnel I used to fill the stove with oil.
So with me laying on my side facing her and holding the torch, she pulled her knickers down to her feet, then kneeling with she knees wide apart and her back up straight, and with the funnel in the bottle standing on the ground below her pussy, all in the beam of the light she started to pee as I watched the bottle to see the pee level, I was also having a good look at her bush and pussy, the bottle was filling fast all her piss on top of mine, but she dribbled to a stop just as the bottle became full, she screwed the top onto the bottle and placed it with the funnel by the stove out of the way, and bent over and pulled up her knickers giving me a greater view of her pussy and her nice bum.
She then crawled into the sleeping bag with me, her feet were like ice. As I was laying on my side she laid on her side with her back to me, as she snuggled her bum into my crotch she said you liked that didn’t you, I said how did you know that and we laughed and went back to sleep.
In the morning we waited but the others still did not arrive so we packed our things and walked home. When we did see our other friends they said that they had got the use of a caravan down in Cornwall and so had gone to it by bus. I said well if you want your tent it is were we left it. I wonder if it is still there 40+years on.

Another time that we went camping, we borrowed a caravan at a coastal campsite off a friend. This caravan was lit by gas lights from bottles stored outside at the back end of the caravan, there was no water you had to go to a standpipe along the row, and no toilet, but there was a small sink to wash cups etc., this sink was about 10 inch across and the waste piped outside to a soak-away not to a drain.
Over the weekend we sat or walked on the beach, and in the evenings went to the campsite clubhouse for a meal and a drink, one evening there was a sing-along.
The toilets were beside the clubhouse and this was about 4 rows down from our row and our caravan was about two thirds from that end of the row, so as we left the club we both went to the loos. But on this night we had drunk more then the night before. As we walked (staggered) back to our caravan we had seen one or two males peeing on there gas bottles on the row below ours, and so on to bed we went.
I awoke at about three and got out of the bed to go for a pee, I opened the door to go to our gas bottle but it was pitch black and pissing with rain, so I closed the door and turned and peed into the little sink, (the relief) as I returned to bed I woke-up my girlfriend who asked about the weather so that she could walk to the loos for a pee, I said it was pissing down and that I had just peed into the sink.
So we both got out of the bed, (the bed was across the back of the caravan so she would have had to climb over me) now this sink was opposite the caravan door and by a window with a blind that was closed, as there was no water supply there were no tapes on the sink, so she removed her knickers and with my help sat up on the sink and wriggled back so that her pussy was over the sink bowl. With her legs open and her hairy pussy on show she started to pee, a strong clear hissy piss that seemed to go on and on, as I watched I said good job that I had pissed before you as I would not be able to pee into that bowl now, after she was done she wiped with her knickers and jumped down and ran to the bed, I throw some water down the sink and also ran to the bed. I did not get any more sleep that night.

Camping with my girlfriend
Funny places me and my girlfriend have peed.

During the summer holidays from our secondary schools a gang of 3 girls and 5 boys, used to hang out in a den we had built in a hollow on the side of a hill. The hollow was hidden by thick bushes on all sides with a small gape on the higher side to get down and into it.
We had pushed an old waste pipe out through the lower side bushes, for the lads to pee into, and a gallon paint can as a piss pot for the females.
My girlfriend never used the piss can but she did watch all us lads peeing into the pipe, I never saw any of the other girls use the piss can but one day when me and my girlfriend turned up, I was told to look into the can only to see it was about 1/4 full, I was told I had just misted the two girls peeing into it.
The only time my girlfriend had peed in the den was at the end of the holiday and she just dropped her jeans and knickers and with her back to me squatted low to the ground and peed, and quickly stand back up with her knickers and jeans back into place. So I did not even see her bum.

After a few years our gang was down to just my girlfriend and just 3 of us lads, and when we went to our den one summer it was all dug out and roads were being built, so the 4 of use just went and had a game of hide and seek. Me and my girlfriend went off to hide, we both climbed down into a new drainage inspection chamber. it was able 6ft round and about 8ft deep with a channel running through the middle.
After a time we still had not been found and we both needed a pee so I knelt and peed into the channel and watched it run out of the chamber at the lower end. My girlfriend was next she dropped her jeans and knickers and squatted over the channel with her back to me, I could only see her pee running along and out of the clamber, as soon as she was done up came her knickers and jeans. She said that we must move out of this chamber as she did not want the others to find us there with the piss marks in the channel, so we moved and got found soon after in our new hiding place.

As the summer holiday went on homes started to be built and so we started to hide in them. While me and my girlfriend were climbing around the brick work I stood inside one of the homes fireplaces and had a pee. Later we were higher up on a building when my girlfriend needed a pee and wanted to climb down and find somewhere. I saw that on one of the homes the chimney stack was still below roof level and that you could easy sit on it, so I got her to pee down it. Facing me she stood with her back to the chimney pot lowered her jeans and knickers and sat on it and peed, soon she was done she was standing back up with her knickers and jeans back in place, ( I still did not see any of her bits, and do not know how she is so quick that in one move she can stand and have her knickers and jeans up, and I have been with her both indoors using a toilet and out doors peeing in the open.)
Later we were telling the other two lads about her peeing and they went back with use both to see the chimney pot, and they both did something that was stinky down it with her watching.

That was the last summer holiday we were all together as the following year I had a full time job, and the other 2 lads and my girlfriend had all gone away to university. (I was the only one of us to have a job (for over 37 years) as the others even with university papers they could not get work )

At a castle

Some years ago me and my girlfriend were walking around on top of castle walls, looking out at the scenic views, and down into the castle grounds at all the now roofless buildings.
When I noticed a female walk away from a group and enter a building right below us, as I watch her she moved away from the doorway and with her back to us she dropped her trousers and knickers and went into a squat and had a piss, once she had stopped pissing she stood up and bend over to her handbag giving me a good clear view of her large bum, as she got a tissue and wiped herself, tossing the tissue into the corner of the building she pulled her things back up and walked out and back to her group.
We continued our walk around the walls and into the castle keep.
As we climbed the stairs up level to level we looked into all the rooms, we saw in one small room the ‘guardrob’ ( the castle toilet which was a shoot out through the wall into the river below) now with a iron grating over it to stop people falling into it. ( it would have had a wooden seat). We continued all the way to the top of the keep were we could see for miles.
After a short rest as we were about to go back down my girlfriend said that when we get to the bottom she must go to find the public loos. I said why waste time why not use the guardrob on the way down as there was no-one about.
So when we came to the little room with the guardrob my girlfriend jumped up onto the grating and with her back to the wall dropped her jeans and knickers to her knees, her pussy now at my face height, and squatted down and pissed like for ever down the grate, on standing back up she said that she did not have anything to wipe with so to be helpful I took out my hanky and to be more helpful parted her lips and gave her a good wipe, she pushed me away saying that is it, and pulled her knickers and jeans back up.
I said that I to needed a pee, but when I got my thing out it was pointing up and she offered to hold it down for me as I had helped her, this she did but it seemed like hours before I started to pee and then it would not go down the grate, with a step backwards we got most of my piss to go down, after a good shake ( a long shake and the use of my hanky to clean up).
We left the keep and the castle to walk along the river path under the guardrob outlet, looking up to see if any of our piss had made it to the out side and down the walls, but could not see any, it may have been because of the hot sun on the wall drying it up before we got to look.