Pipi in wintertime


Peeing outside in winter

We have had a crazy cold front blow in so I have not wanted to pee outside. Well I braved it and got a towel, placed it on the chair I like to sit in and pulled down my pants to released. I could hear my neighbors in thier backyard walking around. Made me feel a little thrilled to know they were there and could look over the fence and watch me pee.

Does anybody let the cold stop them from peeing outside in winter?

1 – Cold weather makes me have to pee more often, usually with very little warning. It comes on as a very insistent urge. I wear longer skirts in the winter, with a good slip or petticoat underneath. I’ve wet many times while out walking the dogs and stayed nice and warm underneath. A few times I’ve wet while out shopping and been wet for a long time before making it back home. I wouldn’t advise doing that on a bitterly cold day as nothing seems to keep me warm on those days. peeing outside in winter

2 – There’s a product in the UK called the Sheewee that looks a bit smaller than the GoGirl. It is best to practice with it before taking it on a trip. In winter temps, it’s convenient to be able to use a urine bottle inside a tent and the sheewee things work well with that method. peeing outside in winter

There are organic cotton tampons and sanitary towels (Natracare in the UK), which probably don’t have any ‘chemicals’ added. You can carry one of those instead of an extra bandage, even if there aren’t any females in your group (cotton wadding has lots of uses). On the other hand, be wary of making a tampon/towel from a wound dressing – it doesn’t always work and hilarity/embarrassment may ensue. peeing outside in winter

You might want to add a plastic trowel to your list, even if you kick a hole/ use a rock yourself, others may prefer to dig a hole.

Having a tent which pitches outer first, with the floor rolling back, is good for people who don’t like washing outdoors without tree cover or where the weather is crazy. If it is muddy, use your foam sit mats to squat on. Cut a piece from a packtowel to make a lightweight hand flannel. peeing outside in winter

3 – Personally I have to say peeing outside in the summer was a joy, but winter was a chore.

I hated having to try popping a squat with full winter clothing on, gloves, long length coat, several layers, then when I got me coat up, pants and thermal leggings and panties down I felt like the Michelin woman. Being so bulked out with clothing would make keeping balance hard, then thats not even got to the point of Im so wrapped up because its bloody cold outside and Ive just exposed my arse thats in the process of freezing now.

Once finished with all the layers of clothes I didnt realise my pee stream was landing right by my foot and back splashing on to my pants leg, meaning its now quite wet. Pulling up my panties, thermals and pants quickly because someones coming I catch my glove pulling it off my hand but it manages to fall to the floor in my pee puddle.

4 – Walking away I realise Ive given myself a wedgie and Im really uncomfortable as my tops are not tucked in to my pants meaning theres a cold draft around my middle, and my hand is cold because Im not going to be wearing a pee soaked glove. So I have to head to a public bathroom, remove me coat and sort myself out, straighten my panties, pull up my thermal leggings tuck in my tshirt, pull up my pants and pull down the sweater, then put on the coat again. peeing outside in winter