Ecstasy Water 1 & 2 (NTSC)

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Ecstasy Water It is an extraordinary initiation shown here for the first time ever!


Ecstasy Water is more than an erotic fantasy
It is: tantric peeing

Produced by…………… Erotic Art Production
Distributed by………… Karessa Universal
Directed and produced by.. Bella Maestrina

It is an extraordinary initiation shown here for the first time ever. It teaches you ancient tantric secrets that were long hidden to all but high initiates of the Orient. The story is based upon the urinary orgasm, a simple and exciting technique that was surrounded by mystery until now. Using it you can reach erotic ecstasy beyond anything you have experienced by yourself or in a couple. now on a dubbel tantric peeing DVD at ODP!


The pee games presented in this movie defy the common taboos. The sacred erotic science of tantra has long known of the magical power of urine, and calls it “the living water” and “condensed light”. One can reach perfect control of the sexual energy using urine. The ejaculation is suspended forever, if desired, and replaced by pee games. This special way of peeing will lead both men and women to the multiple urinary orgasm. Through it you can reach erotic ecstasy, awaken Kundalini Shakti, the greatest potential energy of the human being, and attain psychic powers. tantric peeing

Divine Mother

The woman who urinates during tantric rituals has a great force of attraction. The members of the ritual see her as the Universal Goddess, the Divine Mother who gives birth to all the Universes. Drinking the urine of your beloved was considered to be the most natural way to become one with her and assimilate all her qualities, not only as a person, but also as a sign of the zodiac. It was known in some very esoteric groups that an easy way to awaken the energies of all the twelve zodiac signs is to make love to people from the whole zodiac. This must be done without ejaculating and with drinking the urine from each of them. You can then realize the supreme state of the Androgynous which is the perfect being where the masculine and feminine aspects are perfectly balanced. tantric peeing

Full bladder

Ecstasy Water gives the image of a woman as a divine being not as a sexual object. The man learns to discover in his lover the Eternal Woman, the one who worships Man and deserves to be worshipped. The two sexes have no reason to fight for supremacy; they are searching for each other to complete themselves. Sexologists are dazzled. Is there such thing as urinary orgasm? Yes. America existed on Earth long before its map appeared in the geography books. Do you want very accurate details of how a full bladder presses some sensitive spots creating special states of pleasure? Or maybe you want the practical description of the method that will make you die from the ecstasy! tantric peeing

Start drinking a lot of liquids

Start peeing in short squirts. Let off a very strong but short burst. Contract the sexual muscles the same way you do when you want to keep from urinating. Let out the next squirt, short and strong. Do you feel any shivers up your spine? This is perfect. It means that the energy is going the right way. More contractions, more energy. That way you’ll train your sexual muscles, and you’ll be able to contract them very strongly. Are you curious to go to the next step? Start drinking a lot of liquids, natural ones. Prolong as long as you can the time you have to go to the toilet. Finally, when you go, resist the temptation to pee in only one uncontrolled burst. Let off short bursts, as many as possible. Don’t forget about the miraculous contractions. The shivers up your spine will be stronger and stronger. tantric peeing

The pressure to urinate

And now… If you play with this energy you will bring yourself very quickly close to urinary orgasm. Drink a lot of fluids. When you have waited long enough before going to the toilet, find a comfortable place, it’s very nice if it is in the nature, or if this is not possible, in your bathtub. Touch yourself. Don’t rush, don’t explode the way you are used to. The urinary orgasm excludes from the very beginning any ejaculation. Why? Because it replaces it, giving you far greater pleasure. Continue with your stroking. The pressure to urinate can be very strong. Don’t be overcome by this. Dive in the sensations that emerge, enjoy them. When you are close to the maximum excitation, release one short burst of pee. Keep it this way. If you cannot urinate at the beginning, don’t panic. Continue the caressing. tantric peeing


If you’ll practice this simple exercise, you’ll see the results very quickly. Don’t give up, continue with this exercise constantly. Thus you learn with a minimum effort how to control the sexual energy in the erotic act, and how to obtain sexual continence which is the key to the real orgasm. If you practice this game frequently, you have all the chances to arouse your fundamental energy called Kundalini. Then you will feel vibrations in your whole body and an inner rush of energy. It’s like somebody opened a bottle of champagne inside you. You can reach an ecstasy that surpasses everything you know now about pleasure and happiness. Then you will have something to tell the sexologists about urinary orgasm. tantric peeing

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