Trapped during peeing

Trapped during peeing

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It was a hot summer day and I decided to go to the yard where my boat is.
On the yard there are toilets and showers where one can make use of. After I had put my stuff in the boat, I only walked in my bathing suit and slippers to the toilet to do a little more.

Upon arriving I closed the door and sat down on the toilet. I slipped my bathing suit a bit and began to pee. But just the moment I was peeing, I heard footsteps and suddenly my bathroom door opened. So I forgot to lock the door. Suddenly there was a young boy who could see me in my bathing suit. But because of that, I could see my well-groomed place.

He kept looking for a moment and then said, oh oh sorry I did not know that here was the ladies chair. Yes, this is really the damentoilet, and you can not come here at all. But while I said this, I noticed that I kept pushing my bathing suit aside and my nipples were also quite stiff. He could see this clearly. I was really angry that he caught me during peeing. He said again sorry and had to pee out very much. Can I have a second time here because everyone else is busy. Having said that, I said, okay, come on. I let go of my bathing suit and stood. As I stood, I felt that the top of my bathing suit went down so my breasts became more visible.

He took out his swim out of his swimsuit and began to pee. I got more horny and wanted to feel his piemel and puddle. I took his thumb and sat on the toilet. I want you to plastic in my mouth. He did not doubt for a moment and stopped his throat in my mouth and began to pee. First a little, then I felt and tested a nice nice ray in my mouth. It was so much that there was a part of my mouth. I pulled my bathing suit down further so that my breasts were now completely exposed. He began to sit on my breasts and pull my nipples. In the meanwhile he had finished peeing and I started to pipe him. I felt him getting harder and getting harder. Suddenly I stopped. I have to pee too, do you want to see that? Yes, but I want to taste it as you did just like you did. Okay, I said, go to bed under the toilet then I’ll be on the edge. I completely pulled out my bathing suit and sat on the edge of the toilet. At last I could pee and still talk about that boy. He really seemed to enjoy it. I grabbed his head and pushed it against my hairy place. He moaned and said, yes, I have a good mouth. He did not just drink my puddle but liked my place as well. I got so horny that I did not get ready soon after his face.

Mmm, that was nice, I said. Now with you in turn. Just sit on the toilet. I pulled his swimsuit out all the way and scratched his legs. I pushed him all the way to the back of the toilet, so I was well in the toilet. What are you going to do, he asked. I’m going to pull you with my puddle that’s already in the toilet. Oh what horny he said. With my right hand I started pulling him and with my left hand I pulled big shovels and toilet water out of the toilet and dropped it over his throat. I saw that his throat was getting even harder and I got horny again. I wanted to taste him in my mouth and my own puddle and toilet. I did so too. I felt stiff and not long after I felt his pimple in my mouth and I tried to claw him.